Q: Do you come to me, or do I come to you?

Whatever you prefer! This generally depends on what service you are booking for, but I do have an in-home studio where I am able to take clients if you decide to come to me. However, I am always happy to travel as far as you need me! Traveling to different places is one of the best parts about my job. This also makes it more convenient for you. Cost of travel will vary depending on location. Fill out the form under the contact tab and I will get back to you with a quote!

Q: When should I book?

The sooner, the better so we have time to communicate in the run up to your booking and plan ahead! However, if something happens to come up last minute and you're in need of a makeup artist- do not hesitate to reach out!

Q: Is a retainer required for bookings?

Yes, a 40% retainer is required to secure all bookings. Dates will not be held without a retainer. The retainer amount will be deducted from the total cost of your booking. The remaining balance will be due on or before the day of your booking. To reserve a wedding date, a non-refundable 40% retainer as well as a signed bridal contract are required.

Q: Do you have a service minimum?

I do not require a service minimum for bookings!

Q: Do you offer bridal trials?

I do offer bridal trials and would highly recommend booking one in preparation for your wedding day! During the trial we will discuss and sample out any ideas or preferences you may have, look through photos for references, discuss your skin type, and I will give you my opinions and suggestions while keeping all of your requests in mind. I will also help you indentify and accentuate your most flattering features to reveal your natural beauty. I will be able to create the look you have chosen, tweak it to best suit you, and make any changes if necessary. You will also be able to wear the makeup for the day and see how it feels and holds up in preparation for your wedding day. Before and after photos will be taken and I will take note of all of the specific products we used and everything we discussed, so that on the day of your wedding I am able to easily recreate the same exact look that you loved and your special day will be a breeze!

Q: What brands do you use?

One of the best things about being a freelance makeup artist is that I am not tied down to any one brand, which means I can pick and choose from the best across the board. My kit consists of a wide range of products that I know will ensure longevity and photograph beautifully. All products are tested for performance prior to making their way into my collection. I tend to love products rather than specific brands, but my kit does contain a lot of the following brands: Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, INGLOT, Becca, Cover FX, RCMA, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, NARS, Smashbox, LORAC, and more!

Q: Do you do hair as well?

I do not offer hair services. Makeup is my true passion and specialty, but I can refer you to some amazing hair stylists!

Q: Can you accommodate large parties?

Absolutely! In the event that I am not able to accomodate your party alone, I provide the option of hiring an additional artist.

Q: How long will the makeup last?

I use professional skincare products, primers, and makeup applied in thin layers, ensuring your makeup will last all day. However, I do recommend keeping a powder or blotting paper on hand to minimize any potential shine throughout the day. You may also need to touch up your lips, as eating and drinking may budge the product. I do provide clients with small containers for powders and lip products, so you are able to easily touch up if need be. Brides will receive a custom touch up kit, providing assurance that you will be able to maintain your beautiful look for your special day!

Q: Are false lashes necessary?

In my opinion, false lashes complete a full makeup look! They make a huge difference in photos and really add that finishing touch to your look! There are so many different types of lashes- whether you are wanting something soft and natural, or bold and dramatic. We can discuss the look you are going for and find a style that you are comfortable with!

Q: Do you offer airbrush makeup?

I do not offer airbrush makeup. I provide traditional makeup application services which incorporate high-end products that work well with all skin types and skin tones. The products and techniques used provide an HD finish, longevity, and photograph beautifully.In my personal experience, I have found that traditional makeup application works best for myself and my wide range of clientele. Of course, every artist has their preference, but I have found that the products and techniques I use are universal and last perfectly all day!

Q: Why do makeup artists charge more for bridal/wedding makeup?

"Is my makeup artist ripping me off?"

"Why do all professionals such as makeup artists, hair stylists, and photographers charge more for weddings than other events?"

"A face is a face, right?"

There are several different factors that go into the rates that are set by makeup artists, and all professional service providers for that matter- and most of these are things that you might not be considering. The rate charged reflects the hours spent communicating back and forth with the bride, such as emails, texts, phone calls, meet ups, etc. A lot more time is spent communicating with a bride to discuss all questions, concerns, preferences, and ideas, ensuring that they feel at ease when the big day arrives. Artists have to cover all of the supplies in our kit, and we are constantly restocking products. A lot of times, I even buy specific products for the bride prior to her wedding. If you're hiring a makeup artist whose kit consists of professional brands, please note that these are NOT cheap. We also have to cover all of the other expenses that come along with being self-employed- advertisements, websites, equipment, gas, etc. I also travel with lighting equipment, a director chair, and a heavy kit that all require some time to unload, set up, and take down. The majority of the weddings I work consist of waking up extremely early, standing on my feet for hours on end, and running on an empty stomach because I don't have time for a lunch break. I don't mind these things, because I love what I do and it's a part of my job, but most people don't realize how tiring this can be for artists.

Bridal makeup is a luxury, bespoke service. The bride is the main attraction of the day and needs to feel her best. The bride is my top priority, not the bridal party. Every detail of the bride's makeup is discussed thoroughly to ensure that everything is as perfect as possible. I also include things for brides that my other clients don't receive, like custom bridal touch up kits that are personalized to fit their needs, their choice of luxury false lashes, and extra time for makeup applicaton.

Weddings require a higher level of service that isn't needed on other bookings. I am typically at weddings early in the morning to start, and until everyone in the bridal party is completely ready for photos and the bride is ready to walk down the aisle. This means waiting around while the bride gets dressed, hunting down the next bridesmaid so I can get her in my chair on time, changing someone's lip color 10 times before they find a shade they like, and touching everyone up consistently before I leave. I have hardly ever worked a wedding that doesn't run a bit behind schedule, so I'm typically staying much later than planned. I also often have to work in challenging enviroments with limited space and time, alongside other artists, hair stylits, photographers, and family members who are all seeking the bride's attention while I'm in the middle of doing makeup. There are countless interruptions that occur throughout the day, like grandma who wants to have a conversation with the bride while she's getting her makeup done, or the reoccuring texts and phone calls that require the bride's attention. During all of this going on, my job is to make sure that the bride is ready on time and in love with how she looks. It makes sense that us artists and professional service providers charge more for brides/weddings, as the level of service that is expected goes above and beyond the norm.



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